Profile Background
Profile Background

Shri. Rajen Vakil

Shri Rajen Vakil is a world-renowned author, lecturer and a spiritual guide. He came in contact with spirituality at an early age and has studied under many enlightened gurus. He found his spiritual calling with 3-Step Rhythmic Breathing, a revolutionary way to tackle the today’s chaos effecting our mind and our lives.

In his journey so far, in his own way, he has mastered many sciences such as Yoga, the readings of Gurdjieff, along with a deep understanding of the Bhagavada Geeta. He emphasizes that the essence of life and his teachings are in the art of correct breathing – hence the term – 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing. He also introduced a simple breathing exercise routine in the form of ‘Refining Exercises’ – the purpose of which was to refine the body-brain system and upgrade awareness.

He has written and spoken on several topics such as: The Purpose of Birth and Death, Events in Life: Cause & Effect, Self-Observation, The Expositions of Yoga Sutra, Theories and Practices for Upgrading Self Awareness and The laws of the Pendulum.

Through 3-step breathing, Shri Rajen Vakil aims at sharing his knowledge globally thereby spreading awareness about the simple ways to experience happiness in life.