Profile Background
Profile Background

Shri. Rajen Vakil

Shri Rajen Vakil is a world-renowned author, lecturer and a spiritual guide. He came in contact with spirituality at an early age and has studied under many enlightened gurus. He found his spiritual calling when he met his teacher Mr. S.N. Tavaria. From him he learnt the Three Step Rhythmic Breathing and many other practices that lead to a spiritual awakening. Three step rhythmic breathing is a revolutionary way to tackle today’s problems and the chaos affecting our mind and lives.

In his journey so far, in his own way, he has mastered many sciences such as Yoga, the readings of Gurdjieff, along with a deep understanding of the Bhagavat Geeta. He emphasizes that the essence of life is in the art of correct breathing – hence the term – 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing. From his teacher Mr. Tavaria not only did he learn the three-step rhythmic breathing but also a set of breathing exercises called the refining exercises. The purpose of these exercises is to refine the body brain system and upgrade our awareness.

He has written and spoken on many subjects such as on his teachers’ book, a magnum opus, “The Purpose of Birth and Death.”, and also on his teacher’s exposition of the Yoga Sutras. He has also spoken on many other subjects from the Bhagwat Gita to the cause of events in our lives, how to develop a spiritual attitude to money. He has also spoken on self-observation and self-remembering.

Shri Rajen Vakil aims at sharing his knowledge globally thereby spreading awareness about the simple ways to experience happiness in life.