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The State of Human

There are four states of consciousness possible for man. These states define the overall world that we see, think and act upon.

  • First State : Nindra or sleep – The state of physical rest.
  • Second State : Swapna or the dream state (Psychological sleep) - The state in which a man lives and dies.
  • Third State: Jagruti or self-consciousness – Man is not born with self-consciousness, buthas to work for it.
  • Fourth State: Turiya or the four – The ability to see and understand Truth.
States of Identification States :

We live in a state of identification, hypnosis. Our attention gets attached and seduced by each thought, emotion and sensation. Because of identification we live a mechanical life like a machine.

Attention States & Types :

Attention is two types of attention: External and Internal. It also has four states: Zero Attention, State of Attracted Attention, State of Directed Attention and State of Divided or Double-Arrowed Attention. The use of Divided Attention is the key to self-consciousness.

Habits :

Man lives in his mechanical Habits. Habits in thinking, habits in feeling, habits of movement, habits of eating and sleeping. Is man nothing but a bundle of habits? All our habits increase our mechanicalness. Work on self or sadhana is the art of replacing mechanical habits with conscious habits.

What is

Man's being is composed of three parts: The Real (Essence), The Acquired (Personality) and The Imaginary (False Personality). The journey of self-consciousness is to take the feeling of "I" back to The Real (Essence) before we were named. The Self Study (Swadhyay) means the study of Essence, Personality and False Personality.

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Psychic Nature
and Functions

What is Mind?

The Mind is an apartment with 4 rooms: 4 centers: Thinking Mind, Feeling Mind, Sensing Mind and Moving Mind. People unconsciously have their center of gravity in one of these 4 minds.

Psychic Nature and Functions

Man's psychic structure is composed of these 4 centers. These 4 functions only come with the physical body. The art of rising in consciousness is separate consciousness from functions. While Psychic structure has two parts. Higher part and Lower part. The lower part consists of four lower functions. The higher part is the two higher centers, higher Thinking and higher Feeling.

Formation of Thought,
Thinking & Food

Our thinking instrument or inner monkey is chattering all 24 hrs. This chatter is totally mechanical and unconscious. For this, we must understand the difference between what is thought and what is the energy which goes in to making of the Thought. We need to understand the Science of formation of thought.

For any kind of effort, energy is necessary. The energy we need to hold higher states of self-consciousness does not come from the physical food. is the food of impressions. Man takes in three kinds of food: physical food, Air food and Impression food.


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