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What are

Life is a series of events. The events and the cause of events lie in two different dimensions of existence. Events can be plainly seen by 5 senses. But the cause of events is not easily seen and needs to be inferred by the mind.

Good Householder :

The good householder is involved in life totally, performs all his duties with love, but still he knows that to understand the mystery of life, he needs to look somewhere else. Here we cover how a good householder searches for truth.

What are Lows

Unknowingly, there are laws that govern our actions, experiences and the turn of events. These laws are what form the basis of our everyday living.

  • Law of Pendulum : Everything in life is a duality. Happiness exists because there is pain.
  • Law of Three : Any manifestation in the universe is the simultaneous action of three forces.
  • Law of Octaves : The law of seven or the law of Octaves.
Role of Astrology in our lives

All psychological states have an astrological dimension. That is, the state is created or held together by the magnetism of planets. Planets have positive and negative aspects. All the foods we eat have vibrations of the planets. By regulating our diet in the proper way, we can introduce the +ve vibrations of the planets, through the foods we eat, to transform our lives.


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