The Raja Star - Rajen Vakil

Today, I would like to share something that may seem absolutely farfetched. But instead of stating it directly, I will flashback to a conversation I had with Mr. Tavaria many years ago.

Mr. Tavaria was very keen to take me to Gaumukha, the point in the Himalayas where the river Ganga begins its flow. When I asked him about the significance of that spot, he told me that Gaumukha is the point on Earth with the highest vibrations. It is, therefore, being the most powerful spot on the planet. He reasoned that if we spent a week there doing our meditative practices, we would achieve things in a few days what would take years to achieve somewhere else.

Mr. Tavaria explained how we each have a physical body and an astral body. Beyond these two bodies, we also have a causal body. The Divine Fragment or Atma resides in the causal body.

At present, our astral bodies are not crystalized, and we have to consciously work to make a new astral body. After we create this conscious astral body, we can connect our physical and astral body to the causal body by consciously creating a mental body, which does not exist otherwise.

It’s important to understand that each of these bodies exist in different dimensions of time. When a man dies, if he has worked on and created a conscious astral body, he can exist in it on the astral plane for five hundred years. If beyond the astral he has a mental body, then he can remain in the ‘in-between’ for two and a half thousand years.

Normally, a person is reborn in fifty-five days. It is due to the mental body that Mr. Tavaria could tell us that he will return after fifteen hundred years and meet us all again.

So, while the physical body has a life of seventy to a hundred years, the astral body has a life of five hundred years, and the mental body a life of two and a half thousand years.

Similarly, the planets are also evolving on the ladder of vibrations. The Moon is still building its physical body, and the Earth is crystalizing its astral body. The atmosphere, the rivers and the oceans are the astral body of the Earth.

The Sun is also still building its mental body. A fully evolved star would have all three bodies fully formed and they would follow the same sequence of time. The physical body of the Sun has a life of ten billion years, of which five billion are nearly over. So, on the scale of man and the Sun, seventy years for man equal ten billion for the Sun. And we can similarly calculate other numbers too.

When a fully evolved star dies, its physical part dies first. The astral and mental parts remain. And then the astral in its time dies, and in five times of that time, the mental dies.

Our solar system has formed around the Sun. It is the light and intelligence of the Sun that circulates in the planets. When we practice the Gayatri Mantra, we are asking the Sun to evoke our light and intelligence within us.

Mr. Tavaria told me that for an evolving humanity to exist on any planet in a solar system, there must be a super-intelligent planet such as Jupiter—the light and intelligence of the Sun is not enough. What makes Jupiter so super-intelligent? It is the cause that allows man to progress spiritually.

Mr. Tavaria said that there is a fully evolved star whose physical and astral parts have died, but the mental part has perfectly aligned with Jupiter, thus making Jupiter a fully evolved star with a physical body, an astral body, and a mental body. He called this star with just a mental body the Raja Star. Thus, Jupiter is the most intelligent and advanced planet in our solar system. And the vibrations of Jupiter are the most spiritually evolved.

Mr. Tavaria told me that the connection of the physical part of Jupiter to its mental part is through its red spot. He explained that the vibrations at Gaumukha are not the vibrations of the Earth but the vibrations of the red spot of Jupiter. And now we can understand why the river Ganga has so many special properties.

Some time ago, I had written a paper on worshipping the Shivalinga. There are twelve Jyotirlingas in the country. When we touch our forehead to the Linga, we temporarily create a magnetic field that duplicates the red spot in Jupiter. It takes us back to the source, which is Gaumukha. And when we hear so many theories that the Kaaba stone is a powerful Shivalinga, we can understand that there is a deep science here, of which we are only partially aware.

Three things meet in Man: Life from the Sun, Form from the planets, and Material from the Earth. When an architect has a form in his mind, he is able to hold this thought thanks to the magnetism of the planets. When this form is filled with material such as cement and concrete, a home is built. But before the home was the form.

Similarly, our Atma or spirit is formless, but our soul has a form, and when the material of this Earth fills this form, we are born as a physical body. We have seen that Jupiter is a form with the highest vibrational tone, equal to our soul. So, in this journey of spirituality, if we can raise our vibrations to the level of Jupiter, we will have recognized our own soul which is our true self. We will come face to face with our spirit which is pure consciousness.

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