Refining Exercises

Designed by Our Guru Mr. S. N. Tavaria, the exercises help you focus on breathing and aid you in attaining better control over your self and thoughts. Through exercises, we learn to breathe in rhythm, all 24 hrs. When we are breathing in rhythm, -ve states and reactions, such as anger, cannot hypnotize us easily. To be able to hypnotize is, it must break the rhythm of breath. We learn the 3SRB as our natural breath, all 24 hrs. To support this, we do some breathing exercises in the 3 step rhythm.

Elements of Refining Exercises:
  • . Prana : Subtle electricity that flows through the nadis in the body.
  • . Prism : An exercise performed to upgrade the quality of attention and awareness.
  • . Phase : An exercise to awakens the dormant kundalini energy and brings all our chakras in rhythm and balance.