There are four states of consciousness possible for man. These states define the overall world that we see, think and act upon.

  • First State : Nindra or sleep – The state of physical rest.
  • Second State : Swapna or the dream state (Psychological sleep) - The state in which a man lives and dies.
  • Third State: Jagruti or self-consciousness – Man is not born with self-consciousness, buthas to work for it.
  • Fourth State: Turiya or the four – The ability to see and understand Truth.
States of Identification States :

We live in a state of identification, hypnosis. Our attention gets attached and seduced by each thought, emotion and sensation. Because of identification we live a mechanical life like a machine.

Attention States & Types :

Attention is two types of attention: External and Internal. It also has four states: Zero Attention, State of Attracted Attention, State of Directed Attention and State of Divided or Double-Arrowed Attention. The use of Divided Attention is the key to self-consciousness.

Habits :

Man lives in his mechanical Habits. Habits in thinking, habits in feeling, habits of movement, habits of eating and sleeping. Is man nothing but a bundle of habits? All our habits increase our mechanicalness. Work on self or sadhana is the art of replacing mechanical habits with conscious habits.

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