The Conscious Journey from Life to After Life

There are three things to understand about death. These three things define death in the Human world.

  • Understanding the energy of Birth and the energy of Death.
  • Practices leading to a conscious death
  • Science of Life and After Life
Talk on Parenting :

‘Uttam Bal Ucher’ – This means that we already become a parent(s) way before we give birth to a child. We just need to understand the conscious steps to the right parenting.

How to select a Life Partner :

Marriage is not just falling in love, but also to have the foresight to see a few years down the line in life. When we are in love, we are totally hypnotized by one side of that person and we cannot judge whether 10 years down the line when we have children and a home, if we still complement each other’s personality in life or if it will create more conflicts than before.

Foresight is the key to choosing the right partner.

The Art of Conscious Relationship:

A relationship is an art. In Relation, it does not matter with whom you are relating to and varies from person to person. The person you are in relation to can be the most difficult person to handle in the world and can be very easy. All we need to do is to find out whether we can consciously develop the art of relating without creating any reaction or not.

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